kristinemarie ♥ (you_say_hello) wrote in ingramhill,
kristinemarie ♥

NYC show..July 27th.

Hey guys! Ingram Hill playing a show at the Bowery Ballroom on July 27th in the city with Michael Tolcher. Tickets are $13 and you can buy them here. And if any of you guys are Tolcher fans, the first 150 people to buy GA+Acoustic tickets (from the drop-down option menu), get tickets to an acoustic performance and party prior to the show. And if you're not, just do it anyway because he's pretty great.

<33 - kristine
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bowery ballroom = where?
just kidding, i got it
i never read the subjects of entries. i should do that more..
Haha. Sorry, I just noticed that I didn't mention where in the post.
lol it's all good. i could have just as easily clicked the link to find out where. thanks for posting this though. i hate when bands dont put all their dates on their websites.
yessss. that's the worst. i found out about this show from a myspace bulletin a few minutes after they went on sale. hahah.